Introduction of site's purpose and policies

This website is your new best friend if you for one reason or another are looking to learn more about the casino scene, but as it should, there is a lot in terms of policies, and so on, which may be of interest to our users to take part in.

We start from the beginning with a few things that should be emphasized. First and foremost, this website is for informational purposes only, and to provide its users with facts and such useful information about casino games, and everything related to it. It is important to note that all information that occurs here is, in other words, purely informative.

Important to know

The website does not offer real money games - in other words, you get to hunt the big winnings elsewhere, but we can help you figure out details such as how, where and which game gives you the best, biggest win chances. The site is independent, and does not cooperate in any way with other casinos, but is as mentioned above, to inform. Thus, you do not have to worry that the reviews depicted on the site are angled, or otherwise unfairly depicted.

Imagine that the website is your guide through the vast, tricky casino jungle.


Perhaps most importantly to mention; The website takes the safety of its users to the greatest possible degree, and thus takes all the necessary steps to ensure that the information collected, such as personal data and equivalent sensitive information, is protected according to all the rules of art.

The website's goal is to be a site that users can feel safe in using, and provide information that is unaffected by various third parties, which players in all possible stages can benefit from.